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Sonic Chronicles 2
Prologue Final

12:30 am
(The prison in Eggtroplis was miserably quiet. All the Mobian prisoners dreaming of freedom and their happy memories until SWAT-Bots came in with Sonic, who was squirming  in their grasp, when they approached and opened Sonic's cell, throwing our hedgehog hero. Leaving him to lay there for a moment til he gets up punching and kicking the walls and swearing under Eggman's name)

Shadow: *waking groan* Would you can it Sonic?
Tails: What happened?
Sonic: We NEED to get out of here!!
Shadow: No duh hedgehog!
Tails: Yeah but how? It's nearly impossible with all these high security everywhere!  From SWAT-bots EVERYwhere to cameras at ever corner!
Sora: We can dig out…
Tails: Impossible! This is steel!
Sora: Nope, I know one person who can dig through steel.
Sonic: Knuckles!
Sora: Does HE have his shovel claw on??
Sonic:…. No
Sora: Didn't think so. T3T
Shadow: Get to the point!
Sora: Shh! Now listen, Sonic when you go to the mines in the morning look for Badger the badger.
Sonic: Badger. The. Badger?
Sora: He can dig through ANYTHING! Including steel.
Sonic: Ok! Let's hope he agrees to end Egghead's rein!
Sora: Here! *tosses something between the bars to Sonic* This necklace belongs to Badger's girlfriend, Suzie Chinchilla. Mention her name along with that and he'll do whatever you want in order to get her back.
Sonic: Suzie Chinchilla, got it!


Shade: *trying to sleep but something seems to bug her. Whispers* Hey. Knuckles. *Knuckles snores, no response* Knuckles.
Knuckles: SNORT! Huh? What?
Shade: Can I… ask you something?
Knuckles: Sure *yawns*
Shade: Why do you want to save my clan?
Knuckles: *now completely awakened* Well.
Shade: Why? Because the Nocturns try to kill off your clan and we nearly destroyed your planet and did terrible things to you… and yet you want to revive it. I don't understand.
Knuckles: Shade, the echidna race is dying and we're the only ones left. It doesn't matter if our clans hated each other, we got to make peace between our clans. Plus I-I-I-
Storm: 'Ey! I'm trying to sleep here! And why the hell you're more red then usual??
Knuckles: *blushes* S-shut up meathead!
Storm: C'mere and make me!

(Storm and Knuckles keep yelling at each other, Shade just smiles, happy to know there is someone that cares about her. The next day, Sonic creeps over next to a large badger mobian)

Sonic: Psst! You Badger? *Badger just grunts* Is that a yes? Look I need your- Ahh! Hey why are you trying to do?? Hit me? Whoa! *dodges the upset Badger's swats* Look I don't want to fight you. *Badger growls loudly* But I guess I have no choice.

Power: *****
Speed: *
Special: *
(After the mini boss fight)

Badger: Hedgehog… leave Badger…
Sonic: Huff… Badger huff… Hear me out man I need your help. Here *tosses the necklace to the defeated Badger*

*Insert long pause….*

Sonic: Suzie, she's your girlfriend, right? You want her back. More then anything and I understand how it is, being separated from the one you love most. Badger, I need your help in order to free everyone here…. Including your girl. You have to trust me on this one *gives out his hand. It took a moment til  a SWAT-Bot demands them to get back to work. In a quick swipe, Badger destroy it then grabs Sonic, running up the hill holding Sonic by his arms and legs, raising his torso upward*  

Sonic: Badger dude what are you doing??!
Badger: Hedgehog quiet. *raises and drops Sonic repentantly* RIOT! RIOT! RIOT!

(And in a quick neon-second every prisoner starts attacking guard-bots. Badger gently puts Sonic down. Amy, Tails, Kari, and Cream arrive)

Amy: SONIC!!!! *starts randomly kissing Sonic who's blocking her away*
Sonic: Amy, now's NOT the time! Let's settle the score with Eggman ONCE and for all!
Knuckles: Count me in!
Tails: Knuckles! Shade!
Knuckles: Sonic did you really plan a riot without me??
Sonic: Whatever man. Ready for this?
Knuckle: Let's do this! *cracks his knuckles*
Sonic: Amy, Kari, and Cream you take the weak and injured away from here. Tails, hack into Eggman's system. Everyone else come with me. Let's GO!!

(The group separate. Sonic's group fight their way though the now weakened security until they stumble upon SWAT-bots carrying passed out Shadow and Sora in the Castle)
Shade: What happened to them?
Knuckles: They could've been ambushed. But the better question is…
Sonic: Why are they here?
Shade: Now how are we going to get in without being detected?
Sonic: Easy. Tails is gonna hack into the system causing this barrier to disappear which should happen in 3…2…1! Ok, Badger, dig!

(Badger digs through the steel wall. The team reach their way to what was thought to be the throne room, but instead it was almost a ballroom. A very dark Ballroom)

Sonic: Eggman! Where are you? Come on out and fight!
Voice: Gladly…

(All the sudden the floor levies up, like an elevator. The team soon find themselves in a gigantic room, an arena in fact. Then Eggman appears in a snake-like machine, it looked very familiar to Sonic but yet bigger and longer. At the end of its tail was two capsules holding…)
Sonic: Shadow! Sora! What have-
Eggman: Do you like it? You may remember my old creation "Egg-Viper" well now behold the Egg-Cobra!!! Now, Get a load of this!! *Fires a laser through the mouth, luckily the team dodged but the battle just began*

Power: ********
Speed: ****
Special: *****

After the Boss fight

Sonic: Hfff… Hfff… we did it!
Knuckles: Yeah we finally beat-
Eggman: Not so fast! *Holding Shade hostage with a laser gun pointed to her head* No one moves or the girl gets it!
Knuckles: No!
Sonic: Knuckles don't. *Knuckles grunts*
Eggman: That's right you two. Now bow down to me! Bow to your true—
(Eggman collapses)
Sora: Shut the hell up Egghead!
Shadow: *Puts on some random handcuffs on the passed out Eggman* You're Under Arrest.
Shade: Knuckles! *hugs the red echidna*
Knuckles: Shade are you ok?
Shade: I'm fine… *blushes*
Tails: *Randomly appears with everyone* Sonic! You did it!
Sonic: Tails!
Kari: Sora!!! *hugs her older sister, crying with tears of joy* I missed you soooooo much!
Sora: Me too sweety.
Sonic: This calls for a party!!!!!

(Later on, the whole prison held a big party in the throne room. All of the other prisoners are happily celebrating their freedom and finally eating a decent meal. Sonic and Sally are strolling around the party-goers)

Sonic: Man look how packed this place is!
Sally: I know, it's almost like all of Mobius is here.
Sonic: Yeah…. Hey Shadow!
Shadow: *getting a healed by Sora* It's going good Sonic. Ah! A lil to the left darling?
Sonic: Hey, speaking of which where's Knuckles? He's missing the party.

(At the recovered Mystic Ruins, Knuckles stands in front the Master Emerald like how he always does til something catches him by surprise)

Knuckles: Who's there?!
Shade: Calm down, it's just me. *Wearing new clothes. A black coat with a white T-shirt underneath it, jean pants and black tennis shoes*
Knuckles: Oh *blushes* You look great.
Shade: Like my new clothes? Amy got them for me. I brought you something.

(Shade sets up a picnic in front of the Master Emerald. She takes out a bunch of food out of the basket from sandwiches to a bunch of grapes. She then sits down patting a spot for Knuckles; he blushes then sits right next to her)
Knuckles: Wow. Thanks. *starts eating* So why aren't you at the party?
Shade: I was going to ask you the same thing, but then again you're doing your job as the Guardian of the Master Emerald.
Knuckles: Yeah.
Shade:….Don't you get lonely up here?
Knuckles:…..Sometimes but I'm used to it
Shade: *she is silent for about a minute until* Would you like me to stay with you?
Knuckles: *nearly spits out his drink and starts blushing* Wh-wh-what?
Shade: Would you l like me to stay with you?
Knuckles…Yes.  I-I-I love that… *draws his head closer to Shade's*  In fact, Shade the echidna, I love you.
Shade: I love you too, Knuckles.
(The two echidnas combine lips into a kiss. With sparks flying, Knuckles puts his arm around Shade's waist while she wraps her arm around his neck)

Sonic: Ahh well. *suddenly gets hugged by…*
Badger: Badger thank hedgehog for getting Suzie back!
Sonic: No problem man just….let me…BREATHE!
Suzie: Badger put him down. He can't breathe! *Badger let's go of Sonic* You're Sonic the hedgehog right?
Sonic: *gasping* Yup! Are you?
Suzie: Yup I'm Suzie Chinchilla. It's an honor to meet you. And it's an-an even big h-honor be to SQUEAK!
Sonic and Sally: O.O
Suzie: Uh-uh-uh. I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that! I make loud squeaks whenever I get super nervous!! *ahem* What I'm trying to say is, thank you *bows*
Sonic: Hey no problem it's what I do.
Suzie: Yes, um I'll leave you two alone now. Come Badger. *Badger holds Suzie's small hand and walks off*
Sonic: Wow they're pretty lucky to have each other.
Sally: Yeah. So Sonic, tell me what happened and where've you been.
Sonic: Sure thing Sal, but first *kisses Sally* I really missed you.
Sally: I missed you too Sonic.
(Sally kisses Sonic back and after about 30 seconds, the couple watch fireworks flying into the air. Mobius was free once again but Sonic's adventure is far from over. Back into the world beyond, the adventure continues.)
FINALLY the prologue is done :iconfinallyplz:

Now I gotta start on the ACTUAL thing soon :iconsweatdropplz: D'oh!

BTW, I tried the best I can to described this [link] XD
Kentami Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student General Artist
SeaweedRain Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
omg this is really good XD u should write more often! my writings arnt too well and my art aint to good (espicaily on the comp on paper its diffrnt) i <3 sonic :D
Soraply11 Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Thanks. I will soon
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